Friday, June 1, 2018

The Wheels on the Bus

Ground transfers are part of most meeting and events. Whether you are transporting to/from airport and hotel, team building activities, or dinners—there are many opportunities to not only brand and communicate your message—but also to engage your attendees. It’s always great to have a cooler of bottled water on hand and a basket of snacks. If my client has the budget, I’ll brand the bottled water—or even suggest they go green and provide everyone a branded re-usable water bottle for later use. Snacks are good too! A variety of sweet, salty, and healthy is important. I try to source from local vendors and introduce my groups to unique and tasty snacks that are made in the area they are visiting.

You have your attendees’ full attention. They aren’t going anywhere while the bus is moving. How do you take advantage of that? How do you make it a memorable experience? These three interactive games work best for smaller groups (under 50 people) and really well for company retreats.

Who Bowled in a League with OutKast in Atlanta?
Ahead of your program, ask each attendee to provide three “secret” facts about themselves. On the bus drive, read the fun facts and have attendees guess who it is.  Attendees will not only get to know each other better, they may connect over similar interests.

I Got the 1981 Motley Crue Album. 
Ask attendees to bring an old CD or DVD that they no longer want/need. Collect all the items and redistribute on the bus ride.  It’s really fun to see peoples’ different music and movie preferences. You can even try to guess who “donated” your new gift.

I Love Your Purple Squirrel Hat!
Ask each attendee to bring a crazy hat. Do not define “crazy”—let them decide how they define “crazy.” Attendees can wear their crazy hats on the bus—it’s a great ice breaker and even better for photos once you get to where you are going!

How do you use ground transfers as a marketing opportunity?

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