Saturday, August 19, 2017

Home Office Setup Impacts Productivity

Your office space is very important. Heck, it’s where you spend a majority of your day. If your space isn’t conducive to working, you won’t be as productive.  And, when you work from home, it’s important to stay focused and have a positive work space that will attribute to an efficient work environment.  But let’s face it, when you work remote, your office could be your kitchen, closet, a nook in the bedroom, or a shed out back.  How do you make that space special and productive?

Several of my clients are 100% distributed, therefore, no one really “sees” the entire workspace of their colleagues. I thought it would be fun to poll one of the teams on the one change they have made to their physical office setup, and how it has positively impacted their work.

The answers I received fell everywhere from invest in a high quality office chair to throw out the printer (!!) I’m not one to argue a good chair with great ergonomics and lower back support. It certainly makes a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day.  However, throwing away a printer seems a bit drastic for me--I’m too old school.

One executive said he changed his background view to something interesting --the picture frame golf course view.  Apparently, he is asked if it is real in about 100% of the new calls he is on and people love it.  What a great conversational starter. 

Cleaning out, for most people, is quite therapeutic. I know I always feel better after I purge and re-organize.  One team member said she organized (cleaned) her office and has gone entirely paperless with her personal bills . The result is that she is more productive because she’s not distracted with disorganized paperwork. I may borrow this idea. There is way too much paper in my life. 

Stand up desks are all the rage these days—especially at tech companies.   One team member shared that she purchased an UPLIFT desk with her Tech stipend (another amazing benefits of working for some companies) and moved her new desk next to a window. She can adjust her desk to a stand up or sit down position and she likes the fact that she can see her back yard, flowers, and the bird bath.

A CEO mentioned the importance of having a door you can close while you are working and can open when you are not.

If you work remote, and are bored with your setup or struggling to stay focused and productive, a few small changes can certainly help.  I'd love to hear what changes you have recently made to your physical office setup, and how it has positively impacted your work.