Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Five Smart Tech Gadgets for the Home Office

Is your home office in the 21st century?  Are you utilizing “smart technology” to make your home office smarter, safer, and more efficient? These five gadgets are worth looking into:

1.     Video doorbell.
A motion activated video doorbell enables you to see and even speak with visitors at your door—from anywhere. So even if you’re working at the coffee shop or on the beach—you can see—via the app—who is at your door.  When the “no solicitation” signs don’t work, and your day is constantly interrupted, this gadget is a must have.

2.     Smart Speakers
Certainly not new, smart speakers use wifi to sync with your electronics allowing you to use voice commands like play music, turn off lights, or even make the coffee.  Now if they could only make your lunch too!

3.     Smart Light Bulb
By no means a new concept, these $10 bulbs are dimmable and wifi-enabled. These LED light bulbs allow you to adjust your lighting from the app—or even from your smart speakers.  Great for when you don’t want to walk into a dark home at night.

4.    Smart Plug
This wifi enabled adapter allows you to shut off appliances—like your coffeemaker—remotely. No more burnt coffee.

5.    Remote Thermostat
Devices like Nest learn the climate of your home and adjust accordingly. If you’re like me and adjusting to AC, this is a must have.

What are your fav smart tech gadgets for the home office?